Black Masterbatches

Our Black Masterbatch comes in a variety of different sizes from small to large which allows for different tinting strengths of blue, jet black, and brown. Our Black Masterbatch formulation, like all of our masterbatches, helps us provide high quality and consistency to our clients to ensure that the great product you made 6 months ago can be remanufactured to look and feel the same without any unintended variation. Our Masterbatches eliminate inefficiencies and quality issues with end product thus enhancing customer satisfaction at every step of the supply and use ladder.  This Masterbatch serves markets and applications such as packaging, textiles, automotive, manufacturing injection/blow/roto molding, film, agriculture pipes to be used in polymers such as ABS, HIPS, G-PS, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PP homo, Co-polymers.

Common Applications of Polymaid®️ Black Masterbatch

♦ Injection & Blow Molding
♦ Rotomolding
Wires & Cables
Automotive type molding
Profile extrusion
♦ PP & PE Extrusion
Agriculture Pipes / PE Pipes
Trash Bags
Thin / Thick Film
Sheet Extrusion

Benefits of Polymaid®️ Black Masterbatch

♦ High Grade Carbon Black to yield High Jetness, High Brightness & Shine.
♦ High Quality at Low Cost
State of the Art Manufacturing Technology
♦ Ease of Full Even Dispersion
Resistance to Degradation in extreme weather.